Data loading. Geometry application. Manipulations with header fields.

Data loading (gathers, time sections, depth migrations, migrated gathers, depth-velocity models, navigation files, surfaces, curves) in standard formats: SEG-Y, SEG-D, SPS, NAV-P, UKOOAP1/90, ASCII.

Manipulations with header fields: creating, editing, interactive SPS-files editing, reformatting nonstandard SPS-files to the standard format, interpolation of absence traces in CMP gathers, arithmetic calculations of the header fields, assigning the trace header field from an external file.

Manipulations with geometry: using different coordinate system, transformation between coordinate systems, changing the axis and its direction. Displaying all types of geometry information about sources, receivers, CMP points.

Binning. Prime allows choosing the regularization parameters of seismic data and using correspondingly to the current line in the regular geometry.
All parameters can be changed interactively. The shape of a bin can have elliptical or rectangle form. User can choose the acceptable number of traces for every offset. Offset deviation from the chosen value can be also controlled by the user. Also, the azimuth parameters can be chosen.

Data display You can use the interactive graphical mode to analyze the parts of profiles and tie them (broken line mode).

Operations with magnetic recording tapes are also available. You can copy, recognize the structure and compare magnetic recording tapes.

Example of profiles displaying.
Example of profiles displaying.