Specialists References

In addition to the feedback from the client companies on our Prime software package or seismic data processing services, there is a number of personal references from the specialists who use Prime in their work with seismic data processing projects. Below there are several references:

Alexander Akulenko, a Chief geophysicist
Having a long experience with the Prime system, I can note that this software is not just a simple alternative to software offered by multinational companies.

Prime is a full-fledged ideological implementation of the technique of interpretative seismic data processing allowing you to move from structurally independent parametrization of the wave field to a model-based already at the stage of time processing, thereby it helps to reduce significantly the autonomy of the directions of processing and interpretation of seismic data, and to expand the competence of specialists, and to obtain a seismic model of the studied environment, which is properly prepared for the technological operations of the upcoming structural and dynamic interpretation.

Also I like the pricing policy of Seismotech. Ltd, as well as the rapidity of Prime functionality development.
Mark Aleshkin, a leading geophysicist of Geophysical Data Processing Department
I worked in Prime software and I like the implementation of noise reduction and multiple wave subtraction procedures.

The algorithm for parallelization of threads was implemented conveniently.