Specialists References

In addition to the feedback from the client companies on our Prime software package or seismic data processing services, there is a number of personal references from the specialists who use Prime in their work with seismic data processing projects. Below there are several references:

Akulenko Alexander, a Chief geophysicist
Having a long experience with the Prime system, I can note that this software is not just a simple alternative to software offered by multinational companies.

Prime is a full-fledged ideological implementation of the technique of interpretative seismic data processing allowing you to move from structurally independent parametrization of the wave field to a model-based already at the stage of time processing, thereby it helps to reduce significantly the autonomy of the directions of processing and interpretation of seismic data, and to expand the competence of specialists, and to obtain a seismic model of the studied environment, which is properly prepared for the technological operations of the upcoming structural and dynamic interpretation.

Also I like the pricing policy of Seismotech. Ltd, as well as the rapidity of Prime functionality development.
Aleshkin Mark, a leading geophysicist of Geophysical Data Processing Department
I worked with Prime software and I like the implementation of noise reduction and multiple wave subtraction procedures.

The algorithm for parallelization of threads was implemented conveniently.
Bakulin Alexey, a Chief geologist
I work with the "Seismotech, Ltd." company since 2015.

The company carried out data processing on several objects with complicated geological conditions (for example, in the conditions of salt-dome tectonics) for our company.

"Seismotech, Ltd." developed a special method of thick-layered velocity-depth model building of the environment using the methods of the kinematic-dynamic conversion, and layer-by-layer tomography. The velocity-depth model building was performed at a constant geological support of geologist from "Seismotech, Ltd.".

As a result of the joint work, I would like to say words of gratitude for the quality of the done work, the staff of the company was always ready to answer questions, explain something and offer the best solutions. I would also like to note that the amount of work that was performed by the specialists of "Seismotech, Ltd." was much more than the one that was written at the technical task papers. These were different additional testings of various parameters, and checking the possibility of suppression of multiple waves on other objects.

I really enjoyed working with the company's specialists, thanks to the professional, creative and individual approach to the completed projects, everything was done as intended. I hope that we will continue our cooperation.
Litvichenko Dmitry, a main specialist of seismic data processing division of Seismic Exploration Support Department
In the current production activity I take part in the project of testing of "Prime" - a software complex for seismic data processing.

Right now this software is a universal tool that can solve a variety of tasks of seismic data processing with a great potential of substitution of foreign analogues. The time for the task solution  of a new software implementation is comparable to the implementation of a new production seismic processing graph, which implies the accumulation of sufficient statistics of completed projects and, as a rule, takes at least five years.

This work is guaranteed success in close cooperation with the team of developers-creators of Prime, which will make the software even more perfect and unitary, as well as give us time to train a team of experienced professionals capable to solve production and research tasks with the help of Prime.
Ovsyannikova Anastasiya, a Chief specialist on seismic exploration
The experts of "Seismotech, Ltd." using Prime software performed the following tasks: seismic data processing on 2 sites located in complicated geological conditions (large-angles of boundaries inclination, extreme differences of layers complexes capacities, the presence of salts in the upper part of the section). In this connection, the previously obtained depth seismic cubes had distorted structural trends that do not allow to correctly determine the position of structures in the absence of well data.

The problem was solved after the usage of Prime technology.

The work was done in a very short time, which did not affect the high quality of the results.