About the Company

Seismotech Ltd.

The Seismotech Ltd. company was founded in 2010. For more than 20 years of its activity in the fields of seismic data processing, geophysical software development and correspondent scientific researches, the unique team has been created as the basis of the company.

V.M. Glogovsky (1936-2008), a doctor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, an outstanding mathematician and geophysicist, was the founder of the company team and the author of the concept of interpretative seismic data processing. He developed the applied theory of reverse kinematic problem solution — the depth-velocity model building along with its compatibility and consistency verification. Glogovsky realized the interactive approach and operational usage of a priori information, which enables specialist to make the geologically meaningful decision directly within the workflow of seismic data processing.

Yandex Terra

In June 2012 "Yandex" company, one of the world’s largest web search providers, has supplied computing resources and proprietary technologies to the geophysical seismic data processing company Seismotech Ltd., following the acquisition by Yandex of a stake in Seismotech Ltd., providing services in the field of interpretative processing of seismic data and development of a corresponding software (Prime system). During the creation of this project Yandex presented its technologies of parallel computations and appropriate equipment for geological-geophysical data processing.

Yandex Terra provides the unique set of services including all required components for seismic data processing: modern efficient software and hardware complex, Prime software licensing and support, both seismic data processing and separate computing-intensive procedures (migrations, SRME, 3D regularization, etc.), scientific researches and software development, as well as consulting in the field of seismic data processing.

Arkady Volozh
Arkady Volozh
CEO of Yandex

The IT industry has been the major consumer of computing power in recent years. It’s no wonder that the latest, most efficient data processing technologies have been developed exactly in this sphere. At the same time, there are other computing-intensive domains — geophysics being a classical example. Parallel computing technologies we have been using in internet search can now power seismic exploration

Dmitry Mosyakov
Dmitry Mosyakov
EO of Seismotech

Computing resources and technologies provided to us by Yandex will considerably increase our processing capacities and will give us an opportunity to take our services to another level. What used to take us a few months to calculate will now be done in a matter of hours. This is something that puts us in an excellent position for developing new services for geophysical exploration and offering them to our clients

Why Yandex?

Yandex supports the distributed network of data-centers, which enables to provide the users with qualitative services all 24 hours of 7 days per week with a high speed access. At the moment tens of thousands of servers are located in Yandex data-centers all over the world (Russia, Europe and the USA).

Yandex technologies of the distributed computations allow to speed-up the performance of computing-intensive procedures by processing huge data volumes with the usage of a great number of servers. It allows accelerating the solution of geological tasks considerably.

Why Seismotech?

The team of Seismotech Ltd. has practical experience accumulated during more than 25 years of joint work in the field of scientific research, software development and seismic data processing using its own system of the interpretative processing called Prime, based on the concept of the reverse kinematic problem solution, interactive approach and usage of a priory information, enabling specialists to make geologically meaningful decision directly within workflows of seismic data processing and obtain qualitative and provable results.

Prime software has been practically used in more than 100 marine (The Baltic, Barents, Okhotsk, Azov, South China, Caspian, Black, Norwegian sea, Gulf of Mexico, Indian ocean) and land projects (Western and Eastern Siberia, Kalmykia, Volga region, Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia).

Prime is an interpretive processing software for 2D/3D/4D/3C/4C seismic data certificated according to all standard industrial requirements. The software is registered at The Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent).

The capacity of the project

Nowadays the computing power is virtually unlimited, the project uses Yandex computational resources.

The most computing-intensive procedures of Prime system are adapted to the cluster technologies. In combination with the Yandex parallel computations technologies, it enables effective usage of all existing computational resources and the achievement of the maximum speed of computing procedures performance.