Prime Cloud

The recent version of Prime software is available in the Cloud edition.

Prime software in the Cloud edition is designed for the use on the Yandex.Cloud computing nodes; and the full data processing workflow from the beginning to the end is executed in the Cloud rather than the separate procedures only.

Yandex Cloud
  • The benefits of using the Yandex.Cloud resources for seismic data processing are as follows:

    • Short projects baselines and high computation performance resulting from access to almost unlimited resources of Yandex Compute Cloud and Yandex Object Storage

    • Optimisation of project costs through dynamic configuration of computing resources, no hardware downtime, and application of per-second billing for Yandex Compute Cloud and Yandex Object Storage resources

    • Data security through the use of Yandex Virtual Private Cloud, Yandex Identity and Access Management services

    Prime softwave

  • Prime Cloud is adapted to the Yandex.Cloud architecture:

    • Deployment of the infrastructure part of Prime Cloud virtual cluster consisting of interactive application server, database server, and distributed file storage servers takes 30 minutes.

      Thus, you will need only half an hour to start working on your first project in the Cloud!

    • Performance and configuration of infrastructure part of the virtual cluster (number of cores and large capacity of server RAM, capacity of distributed file storage) is defined by the user; and user can change it in the course of virtual cluster operation for additional improvement of performance

    • When calculating, Prime Cloud automatically creates a computing cluster for each task using the Yandex.Cloud API. When creating a computing cluster, the task features, parameters, and data volume are accounted for. This way, configuration of the computing cluster meets at most the requirements of each specific task to the following parameters: number of servers, number of cores; RAM capacity, and local disks capacity. It takes an average of 1 to 2 minutes to create a computing cluster. After the task is completed, the computing cluster resources are automatically released.

      Therefore, you will have to pay only for resources necessary to carry out calculation, and will not pay for hardware downtime!

    Yandex Servers

To deploy and support the Prime Cloud infrastructure in configuration required for your tasks, you can make use of Seismotech services or do it yourself by purchasing a Prime license in Cloud edition.

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