Our employees are the people with an active vital position, who receive a great pleasure from their favorite hobbies. This section was created specifically for the purpose to show the creative works of our colleagues.


Vyacheslav Patrikeev, Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics, FEB RAS, Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Responsible editors: Yu.G. Leonov, an academician, and B.I. Levin, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Publisher's editor G.Yu. Butuzova, the layout by N.P. Kuralenko The print run is 300 copies, GEOS Publishing House.


The work of a geophysicist is a painstaking and meticulous representation of pictures created by the Nature itself. The results of this work are so beautiful that they often resemble paintings painted by an artist.


That's been long ago, but not that long.... These photos were made by our employees.


In virtue of the nature of their profession, geophysicists are the people who are close to nature and are able to admire its beauty. In this section we gathered a collection of photos, made by our employees in different regions of the Earth.