Prime software

Prime software brings together advanced tools, successful scientific researches, far-ranging experienced and powerful team of experts. We dedicated Prime to deliver the best and prompt results for both standard and complex challenges of seismic processing.

Prime allows processing of 2D and 3D onshore and offshore wide-azimuth or narrow-azimuth complex data. Software includes solutions for the cases of the complex surface, the heterogeneous upper part, salt domes, strongly dislocated tectonics, shallow and transit zones, data, affected by multiples, etc.

Benefits and unique features

Prime is a unique system, which technologies and algorithms bring a lot of significant advantages. Prime clearly is able to control and enhance the adequacy and accuracy of processing results. A priori information and computations in depth domain are used since the very beginning of work in order to extract the complete value of your data. We've developed Prime software as a sophisticated link between processing and interpretation.

The combination of Prime tools is based on the special interactive algorithms. It helps to make efficient industrial processing of huge data volumes or realize the individual scenario of seismic data processing. In both cases Prime technologies will save your expensive time.

Software creation and development milestones

Software architecture is based on the unique concept. It continuously developed and promptly grew to answer the challenges of our clients data. Many years ago Prime started as a set of procedures, dedicated to the inverse kinematic problem solving. For over 20 years our team brought our accumulated knowledge and experience to create a full-functioning processing system for 2D, 3D and 4D seismic data. In 2012 Prime became the core of Yandex Terra. This new project following the goal to make sophisticated processing service and increase processing speed by using the technologies of the world's largest Russian search engine and internet portal - Yandex.

1975 — 1995

Tools for the inverse kinematic problem solution

1995 Ч 1998
1998 Ч 2008

Integrated system of 2D wave field parameterization and the inverse kinematic problem solution.

2008 Ч 2010
GeoPrime (IGSS)
GeoPrime (IGSS)
2010 Ч 2012

Fully integrated system for 2D, 3D & 4D seismic data interpretive processing (Prime).

Yandex Terra

Integration of Seismotech software and Yandex technologies

Usage experience

One of our benefits is the combination of practical experience in software application with its development. Our team of seismic processors works closely with programmers, researchers and geologists to deliver the best results for each challenge.

The experience of Prime usage includes more than 100 onshore (Baltic, Barents, Okhotsk, Caspian, Black, Azov, South China, Norwegian seas, Gulf of Mexico, Indian Ocean) and offshore projects (South and West Siberia, Kalmykia, Volga region, Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia etc.)

offshore projects
foreign projects (onshore)
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