About us

The well-established team making the basis of our company has been created during more than 25 years of effective collaborative work in the fields of research, geophysical software development and seismic data processing.


Using the modern Prime software system developed in our company, Seismotech provides a unique set of services including all the required components for seismic data processing.


We have developed the Prime software system designed for interactive interpretative processing of seismic data, which involves:

  • More than 25 years of development
  • Over 140 tools
  • Experience in more than 100 offshore and onshore projects


The example of processing productivity in one of the completed offshore projectsá(1á500ákm2, 10áTB of data):

  • Data loading: 24áhours
  • 3D SRMP and 3D SRME: 30ádays
  • Data sorting: 20áminutes

Prime software

Prime is a software for an interpretative processing of 2D/3D/4D/3C/4C onshore and offshore wide-azimuth or narrow-azimuth complex seismic data. The software includes solutions for the heterogeneous upper part compensation, salt domes, strongly dislocated tectonics, shallow and transit zones, wave field transformation, demultiple, deghosting and much more technologies.

Prime has been developed as a link between processing and interpretation and provides advanced technologies for interpretative seismic data processing. These technologies give the possibilities to account for a priori information, process data in depth domain and operate with interval velocities starting from the first stages of a project.

The research is carried out by Seismotech, Ltd under the grant support of "Skolkovo" Foundation.