Access to High-Performance Computing Technologies and Resources

The project's primary area of focus is providing oil and gas companies with access to high-performance computing resources. The Customer's Computing Environment service was developed within the framework of this area of focus.

Access to Prime Cloud
Customer's Computing Environment

Customer's Computing Environment is a working environment on the basis of cloud computing facilities with predefined storage, processor and disk resource capacity, sufficient for planned work performing and accessible from anywhere in the world through secure Internet connection, and installed Prime software.

Customer's Computing Environment is supported by a professional technical service, which ensures high system fault tolerance.

A standard Customer's Computing Environment features Prime software for interpretative seismic data processing.

Advantages of Customer's Computing Environment Usage
  • Absence of equipment purchasing, operation and upgrading costs
  • Absence of software license purchasing costs
  • Low cost price of computations
  • Independence from geographical location of the workplace
  • High fault tolerance of the system
  • High standards of data security and confidentiality
  • Comprehensive technical support - software and hardware
  • Ability to conduct collaborative work between a group of remote specialists in a common working environment
  • Ability to provide real-time monitoring of the work progress and analyze the results at intermediate stages when working with contractors
  • Ability for different company divisions to have shared access to the data and results

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