“Seismotech, Ltd.” company receives patent for its solution - "Method for multivariate tomography of seismic data” technology

On January 14, 2020, “Seismotech, Ltd.” company received a patent (#2710972) for the technology "Method for multivariate tomography of seismic data”.

Today, an assessment of the risks associated with the economic profitability of an oil and gas project is the key to the economic success of the project. A complete solution of this problem is possible only if an uncertainty analysis of the researches is executed at each stage of the project. Despite the fact that the uncertainty estimation has already become a rather ordinary task in many types of work, the reservoir geometry, which is one of the most significant factors determining the potential volume of oil and gas deposits, still remains without such proper examination.

To solve this problem, a new multi-variant tomography technology has been developed for quantification of the uncertainty of reservoir geometry at the stage of seismic data processing, which complements the method of a velocity-depth model building by generating a set of equiprobable models.

Its main difference from the existing analogues is that the uncertainty of solutions is directly related to the quality of seismic input data. The uncertainty of kinematical inversion caused by uncertainty of input time picks extraction allows us to determine the reliability of reservoir geometry and estimate confidence intervals of target horizons.

The uncertainty of solutions obtained using a set of implementations of seismic data time field evaluation allows us to determine the reliability of structural constructions and estimate the confidence intervals of trustworthy locations of target horizons.

Компания «Сейсмотек» получила патент (№ 2710972) на технологию «Способ многовариантной томографии данных сейсморазведки»