"Seismotech, Ltd." company held a special assessment of working conditions

Seismotech, Ltd. is a research center, which employs about 30 geo-experts. The team is the main and very valuable resource of our company.

Seismotech, Ltd. company pays particular attention at the working conditions for employees, particularly the safety and labor protection. Ensuring decent working conditions is one of the main tasks of the company under the current System of labor protection and fire safety.

The improvement of working conditions is based on a risk-based approach, where the key role is played by the results of a special assessment of working conditions, which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law of 28.12.2013 № 426-FZ.

Below we show a summary of the results of the special assessment of working conditions (see illustrations). We made an estimation of workplaces of our employees, according to the results of the assessment, the workplaces were assigned the 2nd class.