Seismotech will be a co-author of a report at the Geomodel 2023 conference in September 2023

Seismotech will become a co-author of the report within the 25th anniversary scientific and practical conference on geological exploration and development of oil and gas fields "Geomodel 2023" in September 2023 in the city of Gelendzhik in conference halls of Yuzhmorgeologiya JSC.

On September 5th, 2023 in the city of Gelendzhik at 15 hours 15 minutes in the conference hall № 2 of JSC "Yuzhmorgeologiya" the following report will be held on the session " The applied aspects of seismic data processing"

"The experience of seismic data processing in domestic software on cloud computing resources "

The speaker: E.V. Shestakova (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering, LLC in Perm).

The authors are the following: E.V. Shestakova* (PermNIPIneft, Perm Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering, LLC), Y.M. Zakharov (PermNIPIneft, LUKOIL-Engineering, LLC), O.A. Silaenkov (Seismotech, Ltd).