Seismotech, Ltd. will present a report at the Scientific and Practical Conference "ProGRRess 2023"

Seismotech, Ltd. will present a report at the Conference on Oil and Gas Exploration and Field Development "ProGRRess 2023" on October 23-25th, 2023

"Concept of seismic data processing software development"

The speaker: Oleg Silaenkov, chief geophysicist of Seismotech, Ltd.

The authors: Ruslan Anisimov, Kirill Ovchinnikov, Oleg Silaenkov, Dmitri Finikov, Andrey Shalashnikov

There are several full-featured seismic data processing systems in the world. The well-known software systems provide high-quality results for the interpretation. In general, they have similar functionality, but they also have a number of features that can give them a competitive advantage. The completeness of the functionality is dictated by the requirements of the industry: it is impossible, for example, not to have in the system a set of multiple wave noise suppression applications implemented at the modern level.

However, it is also important for the system to have some set of unique solutions, preferably protected by a patent, so that a potential user would prefer this particular software product. This refers to the marketing requirements of the industry rather than to the scientific and technological tasks of seismic processing.

In our opinion, when discussing conceptual issues of software system development, one should be focused, first of all, on the solving of actual problems of seismic acquisition, although, of course, one should not ignore the above-mentioned market requirements.

In this report, we discuss an approach to the development of seismic processing software, in which the authors start from seismic tasks rather than from the current situation, believing that this is the way to achieve long-term viability of the developed software.