Seismotech, Ltd. will present a report at the International Conference “GeoEurasia-2021. Geological exploration in present-day realities”.

Within the International Geological and Geophysical Conference and Exhibition "GeoEurasia-2021" we are pleased to invite you to attend the following report:

Improving the efficiency of seismic data processing.

Anisimov Ruslan, Silaenkov Oleg, Shalashnikov Andrey “Seismotech, Ltd.”,

Ovsyannikova Anastasiya, LLC “DIAL ALLIANCE”

Improving the efficiency of seismic data processing is one of the tasks that never lose its relevance. For the management of oil companies, the solution of this problem is usually coming down to reduce the time required to complete the work and its cost. At the same time, it is faithfully added: saving resources and labor costs should not lead to the quality reduction of the executed processing.

To meet these requirements, the procedures for processing and interpretation of seismic data must "go" beyond the existing frameworks, while maintaining the ability to control the reliability of the obtained solutions (i.e., the "evidence" of the processing). New computing technologies give us opportunities to do it.