Estimation of an absorption and Q-deconvolution parameters in a reservoir model of an environment in a generalized statistical model of seismic traces

"Estimation of the absorption and Q-deconvolution parameters in the reservoir model of the environment in the generalized statistical model of the seismic trace", Kunchenko D.S., Rodin I.V., Finikov D.B.

Present report deals with the issues of estimation and correction of parameters of frequency-dependent absorption. The absorption parameters have been estimated for a long time, and the absorption correction is included in the essential processing graphs and is called Q-deconvolution. Nevertheless, we believe that it is necessary to develop and revise the existing tools for the implementation of procedures in this area. In recent years, it has become popular to include procedures for correction of absorption in the operators of migration transformations, and the parameters to evaluate tomographic methods. The complexities of such approaches are numerous and poorly solvable. Therefore, in this report we are going to discuss the evaluation of parameters and correction of absorption effects in the space-time domain, which is more traditional itself and has a long history.

The proposed method for estimating the absorption parameters is focused on the layer-based model description. Each layer can be assigned its own absorption parameter. Evaluation of parameters is performed in a given frequency range. After that, the parameters are assigned to the specified horizons and can be subjected to additional processing and specification. The correction is performed by a separate procedure and can be carried out in a wider frequency range and accompanied by additional frequency filtering. At the same time, if the evaluation was carried out on one specially prepared set of data, it can be applied to another set.