Yandex Terra’s report "Attribute migration. New features of migration transformations" at the conference "GeoEurasia-2018"


In the framework of the International geological and geophysical conference "GeoEurasia-2018” we’ll be glad to invite you at the following report:

Andrey Shalashnikov, Leading Software Developer of Yandex Terra, and Dmitri Finikov, Director of R&D department of Yandex Terra,

"Attribute migration. New features of migration transformations"

The correct obtaining of information on dynamical parameters of the wave field is an important task for the implementation of the most part of procedures of the interpretation stage of seismic data.

It turns out that in the process of migration transformations it is possible to obtain information characterizing the kinematic parameters of reflected waves, directly related to the area of their formation in the deep region. This information can be used to obtain important attributes of the wave field.

A new method for obtaining of attributes of seismic records associated functionally with the geometry of the reflecting objects in the environment and radiation diagram of wave propagation is proposed.

The method does not require the change of variables in the integral migration transformations.

The method of multivariate correlation of wave fields resulting from migration by balanced migration operators to retrieve geometric characteristics fronts of the reflected waves has been developed.

A parametric representation of the attribute dependencies from the geometric characteristics of the wave fronts allows to obtain stable estimation of the attributes for the irregular and relatively rare data using large statistics of observations.

This method has been tested with the usage of model and real data.