Yandex Terra’s report "Optimal kinematic filters in seismic data processing" at the conference "GeoEurasia-2018"

In the framework of the International geological and geophysical conference "GeoEurasia-2018” we’ll be glad to invite you at the following report: Maxim Ryabinsky, Leading Software Developer of Yandex Terra, and Dmitriy Finikov, Director of R&D Department of Yandex Terra, "Optimal kinematic filters in seismic data processing".

Kinematic filtering is a well-known tool for seismic data processing. Optimal kinematic filters were used to separate the fields according to kinematic parameters and for the continuation of wave fields.

In the 3D data processing this technique was almost never used, furthermore, the area of kinematic filters usage is not limited by the abovementioned tasks. The criterion for the optimal kinematic filter calculation is formulated based on the conditions of the solved processing task.

The presentation will review the examples of solutions for such tasks as, for example, multiple waves attenuation of marine seismic data, interpolation and regularization of seismic data, continuation of the wave field from the acquisition surface to the ground surface, irregular noise attenuation, polarization filtering and amplitude correction for the acceptance angle.

The main advantages of this approach are the locality and the ability of optimum kinematic filters calculation for free shooting geometry of seismic prospecting.