"Within the 18th Science and Applied Research Conference on Oil and Gas Geological Exploration and Development "Geomodel-2016", which was hold in Gelendzhik, Russia, from 12 to 15 September 2016, our experts demonstrated the following reports:

1. "Detection of abnormally high pressure zones from seismic data of the Western-Siberian plate".

A. Obolenskaya*, I. Кuznetsov, M. Obukhova, M. Sazykin (LUKOIL)

The paper is dedicated to the technology of abnormal pore pressure prediction on West-Syberian plate using seismic data. Technology was implemented in Prime processing system. The specifics of technology, accuracy factors, application limits are described here as well as comparison with well-known results from previous publications.

2. "Gravitational geodynamics of the Bolshekhetskaya Trough".

M. Obukhova*, I. Кuznetsov, M. Sazykin (LUKOIL)

3. "Kinematic filters application in 3D marine seismic data processing".

M. Ryabinskiy*, D. Finikov

The report focuses on application of multi channel kinematic filtering into 3D marine seismic data processing. Particularly, the problems of interpolation, regularization, deghosting and polarization filtering are illuminated. Special attention is paid to the integration of three-dimensional effects in these procedures.

4. "Simulation of wave fields - a seismic data processing and analysis tool".

A. Shalashnikov*, D. Finikov

The report focuses on the practical issues of modeling of wave fields and the use of these procedures in seismic data processing and interpretation.