Our reports at “Seismic technologies-2015” conference, Moscow

On April 13-15th, 2015 we’ll be glad to meet you at the following demos at the scientific practical conference “Seismic technologies-2015” in Moscow

  1. Multichannel filters for 3D marine seismic data processing. M.A. Ryabinsky, D.B. Finikov (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC)

  2. Opportunities of anisotropy parameters recovery from seismic data. R.G. Anisimov (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC)

  3. Taking into account the upper part heterogeneity under the creation of depth-velocity model of the environment. R.T. Davletkhanov (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC)