Our reports at “Tyumen-2015. Deep Subsoil and Science Horizons”

On March 23-27th, 2015 we’ll be glad to meet you at the following demos at the international scientific practical conference “Tyumen-2015. Deep Subsoil and Science Horizons”

  1. The results of taking into account the velocity anomalies in the section of the Bolshekhetskaya cavity. M. A. Obukhova* (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC), I. K. Kuznetsov, (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC), M. K. Sazykin (LUKOIL, JSC), A. A. Kachkin (LUKOIL - Western Siberia, LLC)
  2. Construction of reservoir depth-velocity model in complex environments. S.L. Langman* (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC), R.G. Anisimov (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC)
  3. The solution of the inverse problem in the case of wide-azimuth data with taking into account the anisotropy of the effective parameters. A. Bocharova* (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC), O. A. Silaenkov (Yandex.Terra, Seismotech, LLC)