Customer Review of the Prime software system on the result of the works completed by Vicoseis, LLC

Customer Review on the results of 2D and 3D seismic data processing in the Prime software system (China, 2011)

Vicoseis, LLC is an authorized representative of the Hainan Coga Energy & Environmental Protection High-Tech Co Ltd. (China) in Moscow. Vicoseis for several years cooperates with the specialists of Seismotech Ltd. in 2D and 3D seismic data processing using the Prime software system.

Under the contracts concluded during this time, processing and interpretation of data from the Chinese oil provinces Shengli, Nang-Yan, Sichuan (onshore surveys), and Shanghai (2D and 3D offshore surveys).

Experience in data processing using the Prime software system allowed making a conclusion about uniqueness of the software developed. Method of building depth-velocity models used in the software system and based on solution of forward and inverse traveltime problem, as well as a technique of simultaneous deeping of sources and receivers be means of migration transformations, both allow building correct and high-quality subsurface images in complicated geological and geophysical settings.

We believe that the most strengths of the Prime software system are modules of multiple subtraction based on forward modelling procedures and universal library of deconvolution and filter routines.