Feedback from Caspian Oil Company, LLC on the results of 2D seismic data processing

Using their Prime software package, the specialists of Seismotech, Ltd. company executed a test processing of a 105 sq. km. line from the North Caspian area with a target interval in the Upper Paleozoic complex, presumably in the zone of salt dome tectonics.

The work was executed using innovative technologies in the data processing sequence of the marine seismic acquisition data in the shallow water zone (less than 10 m).

The use of unique algorithms for velocity-depth model building, depth migration, and post-migration processing allowed us to obtain an increase of geological and geophysical information. In addition, technologies for multiple waves modeling and suppressing, noise, gas bubble pulsation, and geophone and hydrophone records separation into upgoing and downgoing waves have shown their task solving effectiveness.

The time section obtained by the processing procedures undoubtedly allows us to solve the defined geological tasks for the interpretation of Paleozoic deposits.

According to the client, the work has been executed at a high professional level. The work of the specialists of Seismotech, Ltd. company has earned a high assessment of Caspian Oil Company, LLC.