Customer Review on the results of seismic data processing executed by "Seismotech, Ltd." for "Diall Alliance", LLC

Customer Review on the results of seismic data processing in Saratov region

"Seismotech, Ltd." performed seismic data processing for the "Diall Alliance", LLC company.

The objects: the Zhdanov field, Lipovsko-Peschanaya area, North-Mokrousovskiy area and Mokrousovskiy area.

Location of the objects: Saratov region

General scope of work: 626 km2

The area of work is characterized by a complex geological structure, the presence of complex salt, greatly distorting the structural plan and dynamics of the underlying target horizons.

As a result of the work, depth-velocity models and depth migrated cubes were obtained with the restored structural plan of subsalt reflections, which was consistent with the control well data.

According to the results of the interpretation, a well, which was drilled on Zhdanovskaya area, fully confirmed the structural plan.

The work was carried out using Prime software for interpretative seismic data processing, developed by "Seismotech, Ltd.".

"Diall Alliance" confirms that the work was performed with proper quality and exactly in the target time period.