Customer Review of the Prime software system on the result of the works completed by JSC Dalmornefegeofizika

Customer Review on the results of seismic data processing in the Prime software system (offshore survey, 2016)

The Prime software system has been used in the Computing Centre of Dalmornefegeofizika since 2014 for processing of offshore data acquired in the shallow marine shelf conditions.

In addition to rather complete set of conventional processing procedures, the Prime software system for seismic data interpretive processing includes a wide range of efficient innovative procedures, which allow implementing the specific technological approaches ensuring better solutions of complicated problems. For instance, this applies to suppression of high-amplitude multiples in shallow marine shelf conditions, and to the technology of building thick-layer velocity models of subsurface.

Yandex Terra specialists render a knowledgeable and timely assistance both in the system support/maintenance and development of technologies to solve problems in certain projects.