Customer Review of the Prime software system on the result of the work completed by Yandex Terra for Astrakhan Oil Corporation

Customer Review of 2D CDP seismic data processing carried out using the Prime software system (Astrakhan Region, 2014)

By the request of the Astrakhan Oil Corporation, in 2014 the Yandex Terra Company conducted 2D CDP data processing and re-processing over the license areas in the Astrakhan Region; technologies included in the Prime software system were the basis on this work.

Special feature of the study area is presence of salt-dome tectonics accompanied with all the range of associated problems, such as significant depth of investigations, existence of extensive network of faults and steeply dipping reflectors, and facies heterogeneity of horizons.

In the course of data processing with the use of the Prime software system, Yandex Terra specialists managed to obtain amplitude-differentiated, high resolution seismic data, which allowed creating a reliable velocity-depth model in the wide depth range of post-salt and subsalt intervals.