Seismotech, Ltd. will be a co-author of the report "Modeling of wave fields in practical tasks of seismic acquisition"

Seismotech will become a co-author of the report within the Conference “Prospects of Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes in Multi-Scale Geological Media” will be held on October 09-13th, 2023 in the conference halls of Sirius Mathematics Center (SMC) at Sirius Federal Territory.

"Modeling of wave fields in practical tasks of seismic acquisition"

The speaker: S.V. Vlasov (RN-BashNIPIneft, LLC)


RN-BashNIPIneft, LLC: S.V. Vlasov, R.K. Gazizov, S.V. Sharin

Seismotech, Ltd.: D.B. Finikov, K.R. Ovchinnikov, A.V. Shalashnikov

The solution of a direct problem (modeling) plays a dominant role in terms of description and formalization of physical processes. In seismic exploration modeling in general is the most accessible way to verify the results of both data processing and interpretation. Today, modeling of wave fields is not only an independent tool of scientific research, but also is firmly integrated into a number of production procedures. At the same time, we can note that the simplest of the existing models and methods are the most common, which is logical on the one hand, but not always reasonable on the other. A separate line in the questions of modeling it is possible to allocate the used models of medium: for several decades the most popular are the continuous elastic mediums.

The report will consider and demonstrate examples of modeling application in practical tasks of seismic exploration, both as an independent type of work and as an integral part of the used seismic data processing and interpretation procedures. The problems of the used medium models will be discussed, as well as the development of methodology for the solution of a direct problem and the involvement of modeling results into the production processes as a part of a global approach.