Seismotech, Ltd. will present reports at the Conference "Digital technologies for the hydrocarbons production and refinery: from models to practice"

On October 07, 2021 at 17:20 at the round table "Layer model in seismic data processing, opportunities and benefits" Seismotech, Ltd. will present the following reports at the Conference "Digital technologies in hydrocarbon production and processing: from models to practice":

1. Improving the quality of seismic data processing, using wave field modeling tools

Speaker: Oleg Silaenkov, Chief Geophysicist, Seismotech Ltd.


A.A. Ovsyannikova, DIALL ALLIANCE LLC.

M.A. Isakov, O.A. Silaenkov, A.V. Shalashnikov, Seismotech, Ltd.

2. De-migration

Speaker Shalashnikov Andrey, Leading Programmer of Seismotech, Ltd.