The Life of the Company

New year 2014

Corporate New year celebration is always a special day in our company. This is the time to sum up and estimate our progress, evaluate the prospects of our development and new ambitions, but also a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues in an unofficial atmosphere.

New year 2014, Yandex.Terra

27th of December we held corporate celebration of the New year in restaurant «Dubinin». Sparkling champagne for girls, strong drinks for real men, good mood, cheerful music, unexpected gifts, dances and the Father Frost created a truly festive entourage.

There were many words of congratulations and wishes from the management of the company, friends and colleagues. And the active participation of our friendly and gifted team created a really interesting and bright event.

The past year left us many pleasant and warm memories, and this good team recreation and the great mood of this evening will be the key to a united and productive work for the whole next year!

New Year 2013 celebration

We can work well and have fun as well.

On December 25, on Catholic Christmas eve, our company celebrated the best winter holiday – New Year. The party was in the restaurant “Black Sea Riviera”, its name reminding sunny beach and summer mood.

New Year 2013 celebration, Yandex.Terra

Dmitry Mosyakov, the General Director of the company, officially summarized the results of 2012, mentioned the achievements and success of the company during the year and wished new victories and prosperity to the staff and the company in 2013.

Due to the active participation of the team in the New Year celebration, the atmosphere was relaxed. Everybody had fun and was pleased with unique contests, congratulations, new year gifts and socializing.

Let us hope that such exciting celebration will lead to equally successful New Year!